Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday November 5

Well i made a yummy salad for lunch today last nite. Boiled egg, low fat cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot...6 points...and no carbs in sight ! Lets see if it keeps me satisfied i do love eggs and cheese so it should and a big dose of protein...which is what im gonna try and do over the next few weeks...still gonna eat my normal dinner and breakfast...but have just a salad at lunchtime and my snacks be fruit...and we will see what the scales do.

I am gonna go to the gym and do the weights tonite and see how my knee handles it all...if its no good ill just ask fiona to do upper body stuff only. It feels not too bad just has a "strange" feeling kinda a slight burning sensation at times. It seems to be mostly when I get up from sitting...weird...but after tonite...ill rest it till monday and then hopefully it will be full steam ahead with the exercise.

I have organised 5 days off at the end of November! Unfortunately it means the week after i work 7 days...but man...bliss 5 days off in a row sounds glorious then then ill only have 4 weeks or so till i have my 3 weeks holiday, so think ill survive the 7 days of working straight! lol

Saturday I am working but then saturday nite i am going out with a bunch of ww girls...out to the strathmore it looks at this point...and they have pasta on their menu so i am all set !

Anyone watch money for jam last nite? I joined the website for $15 after seeing is full of links for online competitions...and the person they interviewd on the story said she wins at least $50,000 worth a year...they had a guy test it out for a month....and he won a bloody plasma screen tv! They reckon when u first begin u win about 1 out of 100 ive been doing it of course with my bloody luck ill prolly win a bottle of deoderant ! haha !

Okies its lunch time and i am off to have my yummy salad ! Enjoy peeps !

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Tania said...

I've been getting back into my salads of late - protein salads was one of the positive things I got from curves - LOVE them! But I have ham instead of cheese and use Praise light caesar dressing for only half a point a serve.