Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday November 6

Well I am one happy girl today ! I went under 130 kilos by my scales...they have been permanantly stuck on 130 kilos...and one day of cutting out carbs and lunch and i seem to have gone down on the scales...i am just hoping its not a fluke and goes up tomorrow or next week. But i do have my yummii salad for lunch again...and it did keep me full...and in fact i saved 3.5 points yesterday LOL

Last nite at the gym fiona killed me...jeepers my legs thought they would die...but that said its my thighs and hips that need lots of work so i guess i will suffer and accept them LOL

I work tomorrow then saturday nite out for dinner...sunday its a day at home catching up on house work and washing (way overdue) hope everyone has a fab friday


Anonymous said...

Well done Kaz I know from your posts you wanted this so bad and it's Fantastic!!!!!!

Jody said...

Fantastic Kazz - all your hard work is paying off - great job..