Friday, November 06, 2009

Saturday November 7

Yesterday jo's post about how she doesnt always say on her journal what she wants to say made me realise i am the same. I have seen things said on the ww forum that i have rolled my eyes about and thought whatever...i do ww but i do think it is the be all and end all...i think its a good program but i dont think its a perfect program. There is only person who has the true knowledge of weiight loss as far as i am concerned and that is so often on the forums i really have to watch myself and cos i dont truly know everyone who reads this journal i have to watch my mouth...i realise there are prolly quite a few readers from that specific forum. But also with other stuff...i still get worried about offending others and still get concerned that people will see me as a "failure" Im not a thats not part of it....but most things i tend to do i tend to do pretty good without too much effort, work i am a high performer yet im sure there are plenty others at work who bust their butt and still i out perform...pretty much been the same with every job ive had,,,,whether its graphics, crafty stuff...whatever i just seem to breeze thru things....but weight loss is a different kettle of is hard is a struggle...and so there is always that chance of failure ,,,, which sucks !

Anyway that was a post I wrote last nite...its SATURDAY work right now...finish at 5pm then off to dinner with the ww gurlies.

Jumped on the scales and went down another 200 i feel quietly confident the missing the carbs at lunch is working

Not too much else to say...have a good weekend all!


Kathiej said...

hey Kazz
Can I ask did you eat any carbs at night or morning.....and just cut out the lunch ones

kazz said...

Kathie - yes I only cut out i was having 35-40 grams of uncle tobys plus omega cereal for breakfast and 60 grams of pasta at nite...and only dates and apples for my snacks :). I then had one boiled egg, plus 4.5 points of low fat cheese with salad giving me a 6 point lunch