Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday November 8

Well its yet another good day! Last nite out at dinner i had one piece of bruschetta...a creamy pasta (oops!) and a hot chocolate made with low fat milk...and STILL the scales made another slight move this while its not huge...the scales have dropped 300 grams since i think i am FINALLY gonna start moving towards 125 kilos...i think the no bread thing is having a huge impact on my body and i am ecstatic about it. I feel like i have a completely different mind set...and i am back to think...hell yeh i could possibly be close or under 120 kilos by xmas. TOnite for dinner i am making Jo's "big bucket in the sky chicken" and then gonna make some home made fries to go with by the end of the day i will have had 22 thats 2 points saved...really a good day all round.

Tomorrow nite i have gym but as i am working till 6pm will prolly only be at the gym for 45 minutes or so. So will be 30 minutes of PT with boxing and then 20 minutes or so on the treadmill.

I broke my bloody fan! THe other nite i kicked it while sleeping and now it makes a attrocious noise so mite have to buy a new one this week. Thankfully i have the air conditioner downstairs...i am contemplating bringing the mattress downstairs maybe just leave it down here till summer is over LOL not a great look in the middle of the living room but the upstairs gets so friggin warm its disgusting. And wow think of that exercise when i finally drag it back up the stairs ! In fact ... pretty much decided that is what i will do!

Okies off i go...have a good nite all

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