Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday November 9

I am not gonna say what my scales currently say but I will say I cant wait for fridays weigh in! I feel like this change of carbs to protein has given me the key to unlocking this journey..the thing is i am so much more content i am eating less i have eaten 19.5 points...i am on 24 points...i havent purposely avoided points...i simply forgot to eat this afternoon (truly!) and one of the rules i am following is only zero point food after dinner. I feel so good tho and that i am "truly" on my journey again!

Got a email this arvo...the landlord wants a agent to come over and do a "appraisal" of the im preparing myself for being told they are looking at will ring them tomorrow and book a time for the appraisal next week...clean the place and hopefully i can swing a couple of hours off work so i can be here. Fingers crossed even if they do decide to sell that they market it as a investment property.

I must admit everything else in life is pretty good...the annoying thing is if it turns out i have to move...i'd prolly move out to salisbury (close to work...cheaper rental prices) the drama would be about the gym...but we will cross this issue once I know whats going on!

Okies off i go...btw this heat sucks !

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