Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday November 10

Well just got off the phone from the land agents a bit ago. Basically they dont know the landlords intentions...but they have said even if they do sell prolly wont impact me as it would be sold as a investment property and I would just get a new landlord. Bit of a shame cos my current land agent is awesome...lovely lovely girl and she only does inspections every 7 months or so which works perfectly for me ! lol

Food wise good so far again today...i realised this morning that i hadnt bought my container for my salad home...and i was thinking...chit...will have to buy a sandwich...but no...bought my egg and cheese and will just asked the cafeteria to make me up a lil container of salad ;)

I am really gunning for getting under 127.5 by friday....im not there yet...but will say it is doable...so we will see what happens on friday ;

The appraisal is being done next tuesday nite at about 6.30pm...so will do a bit of housework over the next week doing all those bloody chores i normally avoid like the plague lol will do a bit each nite so i dont have to spend my whole weekend cleaning.

Not much else to say...have a good day all !

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