Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday November 11

Well yesterday at work we have platters of food delivered during our team meeting as we had won team of the month. So we had one platter with all these different types of cheeses (including swiss yummm) and another platter with cheese and cold meats. So yeh i had some....had some ham, chicken loaf, salami and swiss cheese...and this morning i was up on my scales by 1.5 kilos! Quite possibly its sodium related but i also have cramps today so i am expecting TOM to arrive by the weekend so its possibly related to that as well (that dream of getting under 127.5 kilos on friday is now appearing very unlikely!) Of course if this is TOM related it will mean a HUGE loss next week...but i am sitting here chugging the water down hopefully i can get it down so i still have a loss this week (even tho its gone up 1.5 kilos i am only 100 grams over last weeks weigh in ;))

I have been super slack about the gym the last few weeks...i havent been since last thursday...i am going tomorrow nite for a PT session...saturdays PT session has been cancelled due to the pageant...but the timing of that is pretty good...since i have plenty to do with getting the place ready for the appraisal.

Have decided if it is still hot on tuesday I will leave the mattress down in the living room...i mean they can still do their friggin appraisal and to be honest i kinda hope it still is so they can see how friggin hot it gets in summer up there and what i have been putting up with ! Tonite im gonna pick up in my bedroom and dust and sort out the book case which seems to have gathered quite the assortment of crap in it LOL

Okies off i go...have a good day all !

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Tania said...

Aren't those fluctuations amazing! I don't know how you do it and stay positive - my scales are away because I need them to be! If you don't get to 127.5 this week it will happen next week, just you wait and see.