Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday November 12

Well...TOM did arrive delightfully i have doubt my iron will go down over the next few days...and i really dont wanna go to the gym tonite ! I will go to the gym (but trust me i seriously contemplated not going) but will do the wellness plan so no exercise lol Seriously i dunno whats going on with me and the gym...well partly i the lst 10 days ive gone under 130 kilos and i seem to be staying under there...mostly i think thats due to the "no bread rule" (which i am breaking today as someone left her lunch at home ugh) but anyway part of me wonders whether the losses have been due to not exercising. That said i know i need to get over this slump with the gym...partly i think its cos the gym is on the SEVENTH floor with only evaporative airconditioning and we all know heat rises...even when it hasnt been warm its warm up there...needless to say why im only doing the wellness work today...what fiona will say about the fact i havent worked out with her for a week i dunno lol (well actually i pretty much do know and it will be something along the lines of "your punishing yourself") It shows you how when you back off the exercise a lil its easy to fall out of the habits...specially with this damn heat...have i mentioned its HOT????

I forgot my bloody lunch no breakfast or lunch here...i bought 2 pieces of raisin toast for breakfast (uh oh bread) and ive ordered half a bread wrap for lunch hopefully the bread doesnt affect me too badly.

Not really too much else going on...fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in

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