Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just a bit of thinking

Well so far its been a day of thinking...i got thinking about how when i cut out 2 lousy slices of bread per day and suddenly the scales started moving...and it reminded me that i DO have PCOS...i have known for a trillion years...that as i have PCOS i should be eating a low GI diet...primarily the way i am eating now...with a small amount of "good" carbs and more protein is what i need...this may need further tweaking as I go down but its what I need. When i got diagnosed with PCOS like 11 years ago...i had a hysteroscopy & D&C at the time and i have never given it much more my appointment on the 8/12 at the hospital is at the womens centre and i am sure PCOS is gonna become part of that i may bring up about PCOS and see if i am doing everything i should be doing...and maybe bring up about metformin and also about my struggles with my weight. That said...i am gonna cut bread out...completely...ill still have pasta (60 grams per nite) and still have my uncle toby cereal each day...but no other carbs on a daily basis. Altho my weight has fluctuated a bit today and yesterday...i think thats all completely related to TOM (and was 300 grams down on yesterday this morning) I was having a whinge at Jody this morning via facebook about the gym and i was saying...yanno im not at the gym and im losing better then for ages...lets be honest tho...its not likely the gym having the negative effect...its the bloomin carbs. So i am going to the gym tonite...and going to go in the right frame of mind...i will see how hot the gym is but i think i will say to fiona lets just do the wellness plan...a bit of focusing on my goals may be a good thing...then next week...time to really get stuck into things. There is no reason why i wont get to my 3 PT sessions next thats the focus...i do have the appraisal to get the unit ready for too so i will be a lil busy...but monday, thursday and saturday is the GYM. I think for me the answer is ww....but kinda tweaking the points so it works for me...may have to continually do lots of rethinking and testing out what does and doesnt work....instead of sulking and not changing anything for 6 months when i sit at 130 kilos...i mean seriously how der am i sometimes????

Good news just arrived tho! My IPOD has been exciting! I told Jaimee i will start C25K once i get it so that may just be next week :)

Okies enuff i go

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