Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday November 13

Weighed in and lost 500 grams! YAY i would prefer to lose 500 grams every week and not have the fluctuations my body seems to i am now 128.9 kilos...i think i have truly broken the 130 kilos barrier :) The other thing is I have TOM too so a loss during TOM is always a blessing.

At the gym last nite they were giving out free passes for friends to attend the gym for free and do Jaimee is coming wednesday nite and we are doing gawd!!!! Ive only done RPM a few times and it is a killer...but i wanted to do more classes and having someone to do them with is great. With luck Jaimee mite really like the gym and join (fingers crossed)

Tonite gonna go do some grocery shopping then have a quiet nite...will do a lil bit of cleaning then when i wake tomorrow morning do a hour or two that should get msot apart from the back yard done (and the backyard is small and will take all of 20 minutes lol)

The really surprising thing too is how well i am coping with the heat. Thes days of 39 degrees have really been no drama...another bonus to losing weight!

Have a good day all

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LellyJ said...

Congratulations on getting through the 130kg barrier!! Well done, you!