Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday November 16

I must say i am glad i have "figured out" that it was bread holding me back, admittedly i prolly always knew it would be carbs that would get me in the end. My issue two egg/cheese/chicken and salad for lunch is prolly gonna get boring quite quickly and lately i am not even hungry at lunch time. I am guessing i am getting less cravings and being less hungry due to the less amount of carbs. I mean its 12.20pm and i am not hungry at fact the thought of food is a bit blah....i could easily not have lunch and i dont think i would have a issue getting thru to dinner...of course thats not exactly healthy. The other thing i am considering a few days per week (and i realise this isnt a popular decision...but my journey my choice etc) i am thinking of having a protein drink at lunch time. That way i would at least get the calories in...the one i am looking at is iso uses the sweetener that Jillian recommends...and its low fat, low carb and very high protein and is suppose to encourage muscle building. That said i am not about to go on a shake diet...its ww all the way for me...and what i am doing at the moment is working...but i dont see the real harm in having a protein shake once per day 3-4 times per week.

The good news is the scales have gone down again...this morning for the second day running they were under 128 kilos...YAY the thing is i dont think i can expect to be able to eat processed foods and lose weight. I read the ww forum at times and people say oh i have a ww icecream each nite or whatever....but i know if i was to do that the losses will slow...its only since i adopted the theory of only zero point foods after dinner and no carbs at lunch time im getting losses. I am guessing that all relates back to my PCOS and when i do go to the doc next i am going to ask him about i am very concerned about having too strict a diet cos i know they dont work and i am not being too strict...that said i am eating about 21.5 points per day and i am on 24 points...and thats not taking into account my exercise points i earn.

Tonite i am back to the gym...30-45 minute warm up on the treadmill (while watching the simpsons lol) then PT session of boxing and i am hoping i am not too tired after to do first session of the wish me luck ( i may be simply too tired ) so we will see.

The house is pretty much all ready for the appraisal...tonite after the gym i will mop the kitchen floor and vaccuum...and then tomorrow nite just make the bed from the morning do any last minute things and sweep the stairs and it should be fine.

Not too much else going on...have a good day all!

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