Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday November 17

Went to the gym last nite...did 35 minutes on the treadmill..ending up upping the speed to 5.4 (never done that before) bloody hell that speed makes my legs have to move bloody fast! The funny thing was when i went back to a slow speed that was still a speed of 4 not so long ago 4 was a fast speed for me LOL anyway it damn well tuckered me out...then i went and did PT session of boxing...man she is way to keen on hving me do these lil spurts of running lol...while in PT fiona asked me how my cardio workouts are going UMMMM!!!! They havent been? lol i really have to pull my finger out...and started to really up it.

The appraisal is tonite...just got a few things left to do and then TA DA everything is ready...i should have a hour or so once i get home tonite. I left all the windows open today to let in the heat so they can get a gist of how friggin hot it gets.

I am LOVING the new you channel in foxtel. I recorded "my workout" this morning mite give it a whirl after the appraisal tonite.

Not really too much else to say...hope everyones having a good week !

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