Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday 18 November

Monday night when I got home i noticed my left ankle was sore. Last nite was sore again and it appeared a lil swollen today it seems fine...if its still ok tonite...ill do a lil bit of kickboxing of the "workout" show on foxtel.

Had the appraisal last night and it all went really well...the agent told me my land agent thinks very highly of me (chit i have them fooled eh! lol) anyway he did the appraisal said they would be in touch with me now we just have to wait i guess. He did seem to focus on the fact there is no /c upstairs so if they do decide to sell maybe they will install a/c up there...that would be fabulous.

Not much else going on...still finding the limit of 2 meals with carbs per day is working really well for me...looking forward to friday mornings weigh in!

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