Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday October 28

How glorious is this Adelaide weather? Last nite after work went down to the park...which is a lot closer to my house then i realised...its a real nice park...lots of lovely shady tomorrow on my day off after the gym i am gonna go there with my book and a towel and relax out in the sunshine :) Anyway went for my walk/run...completely exhausted my self. Tonite i am not gonna run just gonna go for a 40 minute walk.

Tomorrow i am off YAY only one day off this week...but i have monday and tuesday off. Have gym at 11am for delightful PT *smirks* It may be for a hour...if not mondays session will be for a hour (god help me...and seriously i mean that! God please help me survive it hehe) I asked for a hour as i am working saturday morning but just a case whether fiona can fit it in or not...and as i still dont have a mobile phone (it died when it got water damaged) Fiona has prolly forgotten and sent me a text if she can do 1 hour we will find out tomorrow i guess ! lol

Free bbq at work today...ill be steering clear of the sausages...but will have some and work it into my points today.

Okies...toodles !

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