Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday October 27

Went off to the gym last nite...firstly i did 45 minutes on the treadmill...25 minutes at 4.5k and a incline of 2% i was finding when i increased the incline too much my toes would get pains in them (have i ever mentioned how annoyed i get that i let myself get to 170+ kilos cos im sure half my aches and pains are related to that) i then did 20 minutes at a slower speed as i didnt want to be stuffed by the time i went into PT. Went into PT and must admit i was hitting harder then normal and fiona had me running way more...by the end i wasnt feeling the greatest and she even asked me if i was gonna throw up haha !

Today i have a bit of gut ache which i think may be related to the iron tablets..im drinking a ton of water so hopefully it settles down shortly...hopefully it does and then that way tonite ill go to the park and do half laps...half walking...half running...for 30 minutes.

I made a off hand comment to fiona last nite...i said....i soemtimes think 130 kilos is the natural and proper weight for my body as i never seem to get under it and stay under it...fiona was like..thats your defense mechanish fearing failure...ugh hate when she is right....she sure shut me up lol

Everything else is going good altho my scales are showing a gain but im not sure how accurate they are. But i am not concerned...im eating good...exercising.

Have a good day all

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