Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday August 21

Went to the gym last nite...didnt work out we did more work on the "wellness" more session and that will be completed. I have more home work lol now coming up with answers to things like what is your vision for your new "wellness" lifestyle, what are your strengths, and what are the obstacles...all questions that sound too bloody hard ! lol Me and fiona talked a lil about how i wanna do classes more and utilise the gym more...she thinks i shouldnt just throw myself into it all...more come up with a plan to build up the classes.

So looking forward to the weekend altho i dont have much planned! Mite try and go see "my sisters keeper" at some point, tomorrow i have a gym session in the morning, i wanna go to the garden store and replenish and redo my "edible garden" and im still pondering going swimming tonite ! i told the boys at work about the swimming and they said yeh we can see u doing the dog paddle with floaties on your arms AND legs lmfao bunch of friggin dorks i work with! If i get the guts ill go swimming (knowing me i wont get the guts tho lol) not much else planned...i have lost contact with a lot of my lesbian friends and i think i have to make more of a effort there. After the drama with me and felicity which was who i mainly use to go out and about with...havent gone out with her since well a hell of a long time and leigh talk etc but it kinda feels wrong to me for us to go out...robyn...well after piking out so often we havent talked nearly as i kinda feel like i need to make the effort again...not that im complaining...i have a lovely mob of straight friends...but obviously i wanna go to gay bars and stuff at times which is a lil hard by yourself lol okies well enuff moaning from me ! off to do more work

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266 said...

Maybe there's a really obvious answer to this that I'm just not thinking of, but why don't you go to the gay bars with your straight friends? They don't have to be looking for a hook up to still have a good time. Not that you shouldn't make the effort you were just talking about, but I don't see why your other friends wouldn't want to help you out too.