Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday August 14

My mouth is heaps better today...but ive noticed one part of the tooth is a lil sharp so i am guessing they may have to file that down a bit more.

Went to the gym last nite ... did boxing. Got my heart rate up to 92% :) When fiona was stretching me i was saying it got up to 92% and she was like "good cos i cant tell with you much anymore when i am pushing you too hard cos you always look fine" lol so thats good. Tomorrow morning i have PT too and we are starting a new weight program...which i had a nosy at last nite lol and got caught trying to check it out! lol I was then telling fiona about the 10 minutes on the cross trainer...she was pretty impressed with that...i didnt get time to last nite...but tomorrow ill try 11 minutes on it...we will see how i go!

Tonite i am off for dinner with my old school friends...should be a good nite - i am looking forward to it.

Not much else to say...enjoy ur friday all !


Jody said...

You're coming right along Princess!! Good job at the're a inspiration for the rest of us slackers (as far as the gym goes) I only went 4 times this week and taking off!! I'm going to that bookclub tonight to meet my favorite author...woooohooo!!

kazz said...

oh not THE author??? Hope she turns up this time ! lol Im off to the gym try n catch u on msn over the weekend =]

266 said...

Thanks for coming by and checking out my new blog... I really appreciate the support! I see that you've made an enormous amount of progress yourself so I'll be keeping track of your site to get tips and inspiration since I'm just starting out.

Jody said...

LOL..she showed up and we had a lovely time. She is so interesting. There are some pics posted on Facebook.

kazz said...

I saw them...could spot you a mile away...looking very h0-ish hehe :)