Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday August 15

Well i am having a lovely weekend! Last nite was so much fun...i didnt get home till 12.30am,,,,,thats a late one for the princess ! lol Anyway we went for dinner...i had spinach and ricotta ravioli...which was rather nice except it had huge chunks of avaocado in it...while i like avocoda...not a whole spoonful! Then tracy and laura went and got cake and coffee! And these cakes were to freaking die for! So i instead got a hot chocolate and a gingerbread lol so im eating this dry crap while they are eating luscious mud cake and cheese cake...but as fiona pointed out...i had no sugar hangover today lol We then went back to tracys house for a coffee (or a pepsi in my case) it was really a fun nite...and we decided another girls nite in late october :)

This morning i went to the gym, and started the new weights program and all i can say is my trainer is MEAN! In fact i think i told her she is horrible LOL I hate using "bose" heres a pic of one

the bose is that blue half circle thing...which is inflated so when you stand on it you are not i got bloody 2 exercise out of 4 that use the damn thing! But that said i could really feel me working out so it is all good! Tonite im cooking pasta mixed with roasted cherry tomatos, spinach, and chicken with a sprinkling of parmassen cheese - yum yum! Followed by a ww choc sundae...mmmmmm cant wait for dinner!

I will be in bed early tonite tho lol im way tired after my late nite (hahahha im like such a nanna sometimes !) Okies enjoy ur saturday nite all !


2010 said...

you too gorgeous!

Tania said...

LOL ... and there I was thinking your lack of stability is usually related to the amount of champers you drank the night before!