Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday August 16

Funny how things go in cycles. Maybe it was the warm weather yesterday. But suddenly over the last week or so im starting to love the gym again. As much as i said "your mean" and "your horrible" to fiona yesterday lol i am busting to get back and do the program again (altho i prolly wont do it till saturday), but im excited about going tomorrow nite knowing im gonna do some boxing. And i am loving that i am getting excited about it all again. In the past few days the scales have dropped about 1.5 kilos, my snacks (which is always a killer for me) have been much better...had ryvitas and low fat cream cheese a bit...they arent overly tasty but they are filling.

Today i have not done a hell of a lot...a few loads of washing, and a lot of foxtel watching lol. Have been watching all my crime stuff i recorded during the week and also watched a few episodes of birds of a feather (omg i love that show!)

I think i need to do a new image for this sick of looking at that one up there ^^^^ but i need some new photos....otherwise it wont be too creative...the other thing i am thinking is soon as the teeth are done im gonna go get some decent photos taken...i'd love some cool black & white photo shots (i have a huge addiction for black & white images love love love them!) The other thing i have been thinking about too is going for my licence...something ive put off for 50 million years.

Oh i picked up the size 20 trousers yesterday too...and tried them on last nite...OMFG they are like about 2 centimetres too small for me...and about 8-10 centimetres smaller then the size 24's so no wonder they keep friggin falling down LOL but i was wrapped at how close i am to fitting into them :)

Theres not too much else to say...bring on the new week and some good workouts!


Tania said...

LOL @ the pants - isn't it a great feeling? Good thing on the new photos too - you're looking so different these days!

Jody said...

At least you didn't lose your pants Jump Roping at the gym...sheesh!!!

kazz said...

hahahaha yeh well ur a dork thats all i can say gertie ;)