Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday August 1

Went to weight watchers last nite and weighed in YAY 2.8 kilos gone (thats 6.16 pounds to you yanks) so very happy with that. After that i went to buy some chinese (becoming a friday nite tradition) I got marinated grilled chicken with rice it was quite a big serve but i had 11.5 points plus i had used none of my exercise points so i figured it wouldnt kill me....the chicken was so tender and yummii...mite do it again next friday nite.

Today i am at work then tomorrow i have a whole day off WHACKADO! But i have a bit planned. For one thing i have washing washing and more washing to do. I am gonna roast a lamb (yes me! i am gonna make also roast potatos and roast some cherry tomatos mmmmm), i also am planning to make some low point blueberry muffins.

I picked up a brochure last nite on the mite even sit down and read up on california and decide whether to spend a few days there as well...cos of course disneyland is there...and i mean if i am travelling all that way seems a shame not to see some of LA but also LA seems a bit daunting so we will have to wait and see on that part. When i was at the gym on thursday nite i was telling fiona about the trip and then we have a year to shrink my fat ass so it will sit in the plane seat LOL.

Tonite i am planning to just watch some tv...ive recorded cold case files plus the latest crime investigation australia so get to watch some gruesome chit (im a HUGE crime buff)

Funny i was thinking last nite...i rarely go on the computer at home now...i mean apart from the ww site, facebook, emails and occassionally the ww chat room. I havent been in any other chat room since i got "the" email from im really glad she sent me that bitchy email now hahhahahahah

Okies not a lot else going on...enjoy ur weekend all !


Erin said...

Congrats on your weight loss! That's just amazing!

2010 said...

OMG! You are a machine baby!!!

Tania said...

Fabulous fabulous loss Kazz, you must be thrilled - well done - how are you finding the lifestyle centre? It definitely seems to be working for you!

And you can't go to the US without seeing LA and NY!