Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday August 4

Well been a few days since i updated and blogger is being a ass today so we will see how it goes cos surprisingly i do have a bit to say ;)

Firstly my weigh in result was great,,,,BUT then on sunday i woke up completely drained to find TOM had arrived (even tho it had only finished 4 days earlier) it was then gone by monday morning but back monday afternoon bringing with it all the cramps and PMT shit that goes along with it. Anyway sunday i didnt eat so good...and by monday i had had enuff so off to the docs i went to tell him this pill isnt working out. And what a delightful lil chat we had! Firstly i said...i wanna try just diet and iron supplements and see how i go about bringing my iron levels up and hes like...you are gonna bleed to death (overdramatics i think!) and then i said well i dont want a IUD...and hes like why not? I was like...im gay i have no need for contraception and i dont want something stuck in me! He was like they just shove it in (and yes he used the word shove twice) and i was like well i heard some people bleed heavier from it...hes like true it only works for 60% but if it doesnt work for you we will remove it, then he is like you will have to have a ablasion (or something) and then if that doesnt work a hysterectomy (argh!) he then goes ... do u have fibroids? im like no...hes like how do u know u dont? haha freaking smart ass doctor! So then hes like you need to go have a pelvic ultrasound...not that they will prolly find anything but lets go do one anyway. Walked out of the doctors thinking maybe a second opinion is in order and if it is such a big drama...maybe ill just wait till i get my long service leave and get a hysterectomy. Lets face it i dont need a baby making factory ! lol

Tania asked how i am finding the 1 on 1 sessions at the myer centre...blah they are okay...i get the feeling that because they know what weight ive lost and how long ive been doing it...they dont seem to be going thru the weekly books with me. Last week with the pedometer challenge...she gave me the book and asked how mcuh im exercising and i explained i only exercised twice last week...and she said...i dont think u need to do the pedometer challenge cos ur already active...

I came into work today to find a email from Jaimee...our work is doing a "body transformation competition" (biggest loser type thing) and jaimee was like u need to enter this u will win. Its over 12 weeks...doing ur own nutrition and work out program and whoever loses the most body fat wins. Now seeing as 90% of our staff are guys its not likely i would win but this could definitely be the focus i need. Cos my head certainly isnt in the right place at the moment. Also there would be monthly weigh ins....so i could save a bit of cash and leave ww alone while i do this...id still follow the points...but weigh in at work...my big focus would be the gym tho and building up the days per week i am going.

Anyway not much else to say...off I go

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~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Wow...just...wow. I hope things in the baby making factory start working properly so you don't have to keep dealing with smart ass doctors!