Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday August 6

I am guessing most have heard about the terror threats at Holsworthy. Im very interested in this story cos i grew up in Holsworthy! Back when i was young holsworthy not only had the army barracks but also a army village (its been redeveloped since and is called wattle grove) anyway growing up in holsworthy was such a great place to grow up. Every house in the suburb was owned by the army and every family that lived there had at least one household member in the army. It was a lifestyle of no social classes...with very basic living. No shopping centres, no take away stores...we had a swimming pool...a primary courts...asco (similar to a lil deli store with a pub behind it)...child care centre, cricket club, gymnastics club....and that was about it. Back then we ended up in the barracks a few times....we regularly went to work with dad during school holidays....i remember once me and my sister followed this old dry creek and we ended up in the barracks - oops! We had no concern about getting in trouble by the army our only concern was that dad didnt see us! lol. I remember staying at my best friends house one weekend...and her families garbage bin had been stolen so her mum...packs us into the car....we go in the the back of the friends mum sent my friend out and told her to get one of their bins LOL and we left the barracks with that bin unless things have drasticly changed i would say holsworthy still has slack security.

I was home today with incredibly bad cramps (yep TOM is back and back with avengence) i just went and had a shower and had a dizzy my guess is the iron levels arent so good...thank god i had roast lamb this week or it could have been worse. Once this TOM goes i have to make a appointment for a pelvic ultrasound...the doc said today my condition is "chronic" and they suspect i may have fibroids and that may be whats causing my iron levels to be so why i hate the thought of the ultrasound (had one about 10 years and it was horrid experience so not looking forward to it) but i need to get this sorted out.

Not much else to say ... need some rest...enjoy all

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~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I've had internal ultrasounds before...not fun. Good luck!