Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday August 7

Its time to get back into things...and most importantly its time to set a routine for the gym...when the gym falls into place everything else seems to follow. So my plan is :

Monday : PT with fiona
tuesday : body pump or swiss ball class (depending what time i finish work)
wednesday : cardio
thursday : PT with fiona
friday : swimming - yes honest thats my intention!
saturday : PT with fiona
sunday : walk (once my foot is sorted out)

Now thats 7 days per week...i dont expect to do 7 days per week...sunday will prolly be a rest day ill just go walking when i feel like it...and the swimming is really gonna be a rest day...and will be more playing around in the pool more so then doing laps. I think that should work...and starting thursday im back to mostly non processed foods. The cut off for works biggest loser competition is next friday...and our first weigh in the fortnight im gonna stop going to ww and see how i go with the monthly weigh in. I think the competition and the chance to win a prize will motivate me...hell hopefully its money as some extra money for a certain holiday would be very kewl !

This weekend is rather busy. Tomorrow its the gym, grocery shopping and i need to buy a printer. Saturday nite i am suppose to be going to a girls nite with a bunch of friends i went to school with (and ms jaimee is coming along as my hot date! lol) but one of my friends dad had a stroke earlier this week and now has a chest infection and wasnt suppose to live 24 hours...i havent heard anything if he passes away we may postpone the get together. Sunday i am off out to lunch with tania.

Not much else to to do some work ;)


2010 said...

I wish that i was in adelaide - you would have been a great workout partner!

kazz said...

I wish you were too ! I would love a workout partner :)