Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday August 8

YAY its saturday! Got up early and went to the gym. Did some boxing...fiona had me freaking running ! And they have this new thing its like this pole thing with padding around it and u kick it when doing she had me running up to it and doing these crazy side i thought i was gonna die. I was thinking last nite and i came to a bit of a ive got more attention in a "flirtatious" way i seem to have backed off being so dedicated to the weight loss...i talked to fiona about it this morning and she agreed its just my head needing to catch up to my body.

I went shopping today and bought clothes! I bought a size 24 pair of tight black skinny jeans from katies...they are so dayam nice...and my legs dont look like the size of elephant trunks in em hahahahhah they were normally priced at $69.95 but were reduced to $29.95 then i got a pink zip up jacket for $10 from target...a white frilly top from best & less for $35.00 and also 2 bracelets from spoilt myself but i needed some new stuff so its all good.

Anyway tonite should be fun...out for dinner with the girls then some dancing...mite even splash out and have a champagne or two...have a good saturday nite all !

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Jody said...

Lord, I see one thing "pole" and I immediately think she gone and taken pole dancing lessons!!! Weeeeee!!!