Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday August 9

Well last nite was a fun nite ! I wore my new pants but they kept falling down! I obviously should have tried the size 22 ones...i think when i tried them on i thought wow size 24 fits me and i didnt even contemplate that maybe i should be trying on a even smaller size. So i will prolly buy a belt for them...i really liked them. I will take a photo today before i go out to lunch with tania.

The nite was fun tho....had dinner....i ate just bruschetta and a entree size honey chicken salad we then went to the club. The club was was lots of older people especially guys dancing....and omg when they dance they dance like their onstage singing hahahahha omfg was hilarious i shoulda recorded some on my phone and posted it...we were all laughing our head off. Anyway it was nice to see everyone. Today i am off to lunch with tania which should be foxtel is still not working...piece of chit they are ! lol

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