Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday August 27

Well im feeling much better today. My neck is no longer sore and back to work for me tomorrow ! Tomorrow nite i finish at 4pm me n jaimee are debating going to a quiz nite...if we dont go...ill go for a walk tomorrow nite. Saturday morning ive got gym and saturday afternoon i am going to buy some new plants. Last weekend i was in myers book section...they have the most awesome biography section so will go buy a book or two on saturday. Next week is a crazy week too...i have thursday n friday off...thursday i have gym, podiatrist appointment, and 2 hour dentist appointment *phew* hopefully the decision on the orthotics is made and also my front teeth are havin work on them...

Well short post...have a good nite all

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Tania said...

Oh no, back to work - try not to work too hard mate! Have a good weekend Kazz.