Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday August 11

Well its been one hell of a 24 hours. Yesterday after I blogged I ended up ringing up katies and getting them to put me on hold for me --- size 20! They wont fit me just yet but will in time. Then i went to the gym last nite and something exciting happened....as part of the program we have been doing tricep push ups against this bar....anyway so i say to fiona is this suppose to hurt my tummy? Shes like yeh it will...n i say yeh i noticed when i tried it at home it hurt too. And she says were u trying to do pushups on ur toes or knees at home? Im like my toes....but i cant do them...shes like lets try...im like i cant do it...shes like just try...so i get down...she gives me some pointers and i manage one wooo hooo then she says to try again and says you dont have to stop at one lmfao so i try again and managed two...omg you shoulda seen her...i was collapsed in a heap on the floor she was like oh this is so good...you have just given me ideas for your next program LOL (next time ill bloody shut up!)

About two years ago i had a filling in one of my molars fall out. I never went to the dentist about it...in fact I havent been to a decent for about 15 years...mostly cos i am scared shitless of them and secondly cos i felt embarressed ,,,, anyway last year i had a lot of pain in this tooth, but then it settled down. Anyway its been painful the last week or two...anyway this morning i woke with it aching....headed off to work and it was getting worse...so i rang my old dentist...and tried to get in with one of his partners (they were approved for medibank health) so i went and saw him...and he was LOVELY....so lovely i may marry him! LOL jk anyway he drained and cleaned the tooth...drilled it....filled it and gave me antibiotics. I also told them i want my teeth all fixed...(after 15 years theres a bit of work needed!) so they worked out a treatment plan...its 5 visits over the next 5-6 months and will cost $4400! thankfully i have private health cover and will only have to pay $1300, on top of that todays appointment was $500 and i had to pay $180 for that...so all up it will cost close to $5000 but it really needs done and will do HEAPS for my confidence i think. My jaw is a lil sore this afternoon mainly when i open it wide...the tooth itself is like so much better then it was this morning...i cant believe it was so easy at the dentist and how many hours of pain i have put up with! I was very lucky....luckily i had very good teeth while growing up and even with the issues i have had i have kept up the cleaning of my teeth twice a day...the doctor said while i have cosmetic issues the teeth them selves and the roots and bone structure are actually in really good condition...so thats one good thing...this has been something on my mind for several years...and i am so glad i am addressing it now...wait till the teeth are all nice...ill suddenly have photos with huge smiles! lol...well gonna go lie down some more...have a good day all !

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JustJo said...

I always wondered why you are never doing really big toothy smiles in your pics! hehehe... What a great idea to have them all taken care of now - you will feel like a million bucks in a couple of months! And WOOHOO to the size 20! It will fit before you know it! FANTASTIC!!!! So proud of you :)