Monday, August 10, 2009

I AM a new person

I have to say i am so glad i took those photos yesterday. Once i posted them...i scrolled them so i could see my body but my head was not seen....and sat there and tried to disassociate myself from the photos...and think did i think a person with that body could belong in a gym class...and you know what? The answer is yes. I am going to saunter into that bloody body pump class...and KNOW i belong! I think more and more i am seeing myself as a different person. This morning i walked to the bus stop was wearing my new pink jacket and theres this guy at the bus stop and he goes "pretty in pink" more and more i am realising...that people may be showing some attention to me not to humiliate me but to be friendly or whatever like a "normal" person. I am still a lil stunned that i bought pants too big for me on saturday that i didnt even THINK that i could fit into a smaller pair...i didnt even think to check the fit...i was just so damn excited those size 24's fitted me LOL

On the weekend i gave my friend tracy a pile of my old clothes no clothes that are too big for me in my house right at this moment LOL

Of course this is get serious week in preparation for the biggest loser competition at work. Tonite i have PT with fiona and i am looking forward to it! First time in ages i have been looking forward to the gym so YAY me !

If my foxtel isnt working by tonite im gonna ring up and tell them they can give me a credit bloody buggers....couldnt record biggest loser last nite :(

Okies not much else to say - thank you everyone for the lovely comments - enjoy your day =]


2010 said...

You are definitely a different person sweety! You have always been sweet and strong and gorgeous, but now you can add energetic and successful to the mix! Yeah! Go you! said...

Congrats!!! Isn't it awesome?

I've been slowly giving away some of my tops. It's so nice that they are like ridiculously big on me now.

Though, I'm running out of clothes! LOL

Jody said...

Wtg!! You are soooo awesome and an inspiration to so many that read your blog!! When you are giving away your old clothes...please don't give away your panties!