Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday August 31

Well dayam i have missed my journal...ive had no internet access! My phone line is full of static...and i cant make calls on it its so bad...and the internet doesnt im cut off from the world!!! lol i was glad to come to work today just so i could check my emails etc.

I heard back from the tennis coach - $50 for 30 minutes!!! like wtf thats ridiculous!!! I have been talking to a girl on pink sofa....and she reckons i should just post in the classifieds there to see if any one is interested in playing tennis on a regular basis. So i mite do that. She said she would be interested. So yes...i have been talking to someone. The girl I mentioned last week (for those who saw the post before i deleted it) while she is nice and obviously interested...i cant see that going anywhere. The other girl I have been talking too i seem to click with and i like her lifestyle...shes fit and healthy...does things like kayaking and camping in her free time...plays in a blues band...and in all honesty i'd like to be with someone active...that said she is skinny and im sure she would meet me and think .... shes too fat!

I have taken a new for those not on my facebook here it is...

Admittedly my arms are in front of my hips and thighs so i think i look a lil smaller in that area then i really am.

Saturday fiona killed me. She had me running again,,,,more then ever lol...i was exhaused. So the tally for my exercise last week (and lets remember i was sick) i exercised for 3 hours 10 minutes and 42 seconds, i burnt 2041 calories over 3 sessions. Thats pretty good if you ask me. On saturday i said to not doing that abs class again lol she wiggled her finger at me and said yes u are soon as your schedule allows for it...seeing the class is at 5pm and i finish work at 3pm i guess my schedule allows for it today eh? So begrudgingly i will go do it today...followed by 30 minutes on the bike and my PT session of boxing. Tomorrow there is a 30 minute swiss ball class which I can make so i may try that.

Yesterday didnt do a hell of a lot...cept read some of my new book and watch foxtel was a very lazy day.

Okies off I go...enjoy all

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