Sunday, January 01, 2012

The start of 2012

Well its new year eves was pathetic LOL As i said yesterday i was out in the sun and burny 1724 cals...well appears i got a bit of yesterday evening i couldnt handle the light from anything being on and had a pounding headache and was 8.30pm i was out of it and slept for nearly 12 hours ;) When i woke up i felt better but my head is still took some coedine slept some more and does seem improved this afternoon.

So i did get on the scales again and they were 86.2 kilos -eek! Admittedly yesterday they were 88.3 kilos so im starting to make inroads. The last 3 weeks has really highlighted to me no matter how much weight i lose i will always battle these food addictions and those psychological attachments to feeling good i have with food will prolly always exist and its all part of that goal of mine of getting things in moderation and with a healthier relationship food :) Apart from a better food relationship my goals for the year is to get back to training 100%, losing another 14-18 kilos...and fitting in to the medium sized lorna jane flashdance pants so they are loose enough to wear when training.

Food was spot on yesterday and so far today its good as well. Today cos im not 100% and i need to get all better for work tomorrow im not exercising today...hopefully tomorrow ill be okay to exercise....cos of course as well as the sunstroke several days now without diet coke so the headache could be related to that as well!

Fiona did talk to my normal physio about my back...been told no crunches....that i can do the boxing class but no punching at bags just "shadow boxing" as ill look like a dork lol but at least i can get back to it in some form. So back to the gym on tuesday and back into things as much as i can (still no body pump of course) altho right at the moment the big focus is on this run on jan 13!

Have a fab new years everyone!!


Pinky said...

Glad to hear you are back and at the training.Bummer about the sunstroke and I am impressed with your no diet coke - it is such a down fall for me!
Hope the remainder of the day is good to you

Maggie said...

Same as you, I think I am always going to battle the food = good feelings addiction. Sucks, but at least it's a realisation that you've been able to come to eh? I was just about to do a post about that for this week...maybe I'll wait a bit LOL.

Sucks about the sunstroke...horrible isn't it? But you're right, the caffeine withdrawal would contribute. I've been weaning myself off the Coke Zero & Pepsi Max..AGAIN, and drinking a bit of Sprite Zero has helped. It gives me the sugar free sweet taste without the caffeine and I just drink lots of water as well. Eventually I'll be off the Sprite Zero too. It won't take long before you feel "normal" again and those pants will look AMAZING!!