Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good day :)

Well today has been a good day :) I woke up and the number on my scales was AWFUL lol maybe ill post tomorrow mornings results lol. Anyway went into town met up with fiona ...we ran from the zoo to the weir along the torrens which was 2.17km...then did squats, tricep pushups, pullups, and then we went back...not sure how much we ran...maybe 750 metres to 1km? My foot was playing up so i kinda took it easy plus i was dying! I then walked into the mall and then home again...all up i burnt 1724 calories no doubt aided by todays heat (38 degrees) Right now I am so dog gone tired...soooooooooo exhausted....about to have a protein shake then tonight its italian before a early nite. Yeh i know im not the party animal for NYE im more interested in waking up tomorrow morning refreshed and ready to tackle 2012. Crazy to think this year has gone. But i am really looking forward to reaching goals and all that 2012 will bring me....even considering reactivating my pink sofa membership!

This running thing is really bloody hard...surely one day its gotta improve....just doesnt feel like i am making any progress in that area YET!

Anyway a quiet nite for me...hope everyone who visits my journal has a safe and happy NYE....ive had LOTS of private messages from people off track lately...tomorrow is the perfect time to get back on track and create the life you want...make sure you make the most of it :)


Pinky said...

All the best for the new year - I am sure you will complete all goals that you have set yourself. We are having a quiet night tonight and back into it tomorrow!
I have eaten well and even excercised!
Bring it on!

Girlwithgoals said...

Happy New Year! Can't wait to read about all your achievements!

Chris H said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR chick, may this new year bring you happiness and health.