Saturday, January 07, 2012

The scales were back up to 84 kilos this morning....i think my cycle is due in 4 days so not concerned. Gymmed it today :) Did a hour with Fiona...lots of cardio -rawr- and then we decided i would test out i did it with a total of 2.5 kilos on the back didnt hurt the entire class :)) i did feel my back tho in the bicep track but think that was fatigue more then anything...the side plank hurt my shoulder/neck but think maybe next time ill just do normal plank (which is what i did during the rest of the ab track - since i cant do crunches!) So even tho it wasnt a big calorie burn it certainly good to test it :) I then did body burnt a total of 1078 calories. So ive done a menu plan for the next week...lots of variety and some new recipes. I have set a challenge on facebook...basically for this one status for every "like" i get i need to either row, run, walk or cycle its up to 64kms i will be incorporating that in this weeks work out plan. So each day this week at the gym ill row for 10 minutes (most i can do at the moment) and walk/run where i can fit it in so this weeks exercise plan is something like this:

mon - abs class + body combat
tues - train with fiona (possibly)
wed - cycling
thurs - body balance
fri - body combat + resolution run

So plenty to do this coming week! Im setting the goal to get under 82 kilos by next saturday....big ask but i think with some of the changes im planning to put into place this week.. :)

Fiona told me a cute story today....she was at the lorna jane store i shop at. Anyway fiona was with sarah looking at a top and says "karyn bought this one" and the shop assistant overheard and said "yes karyn was in here yesterday" LOL she then tells fiona how out of the LJ book with the different weight loss stories that her husband said im his favourite .... LOL .... who knew! No wonder i get such good service there!! And of course Fiona was then able to say I was Karyns trainer ;) win-win all round lol

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