Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ahhhhh Rest day

im having a nice relaxing rest day today, washing is getting done and doing the first day of my menu plan :) So far so good...breakfast was a yummy 2 slices of toast with low fat cottage cheese (i forgot how yummy that is) i added some fresh chives and tomato...lunch was open burger....and dinner is a chicken salad made with walnuts, feta, celery, apple, baby spinach, blackberries and a dressing of olive oil and white balsamic vineger...looks yummy.

Yesterday as i mentioned i tested body pump...with super light weights and happy to say absolutely no back fact my back feels the best it has felt, dont think its the pump that helped with that so much but the fact it was my 5th day in a row of exercising ... my back is just much better when im moving around. Last nite i set a FB status update for every "like" i get ill walk/run/row or cycle 1km...its up to 117km think i will aim to cycle 8km most days this week and then walk 2kms....and then do my classes as per normal LOL. I have thursday and friday off this week....thursday going out to lunch with mum and thursday morning having a slim session so i can see where my body fat is at...on friday i have the resolution starts at the zoo which we get free entry into from 3pm so i think ill go early and walk around so i can get some extra kilometres in before the run. Nice only having to work 3 days before another couple of days of work lol then i only work saturday and sunday and have monday to wednesday off ;) (yep its a damn hard life!! lol)

The scales were down to 83 kilos this to get under 82 kilos by saturday i am on target for :) Pulled out my size large flashdance pants again today. The plain black ones fit but not quite loose enough to exercise in...the pink camoflauge ones are skin tight! think ill wait till im under 78 kilos before trying either of them on again!

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Maggie said...

Ohhh I so look forward to seeing my weight in double digits again! You're doing amazingly well!

You're very brave opening up your FB status. I'd be terrified of it getting too high.