Monday, January 09, 2012

Good start to the week :)

Back at the gym today, worked this during the day then headed to the gym. Cycled for 10km, then did a 30 minute ab class and then 45 minute body combat class...burnt 810 calories so a great start to the week :) This morning i was 81.3 kilos. So at this stage...I am 4.3 kilos from the healthy weight range...and 9.3 kilos from my "ultimate" goal - i have settled on that at 72 kilos...once i get there ill reasses but i kinda think if i lose more then another 10 kilos...while i could prolly still lose a lil more im worried that anymore n ill just look like a skeleton wearing a outfit of skin thats 3 sizes too big LOL. I suspect at 72 kilos id be able to fit into medium sized flash dance pants from lorna jane...and size 12 that works for me. Ive never thought id get below size 12 in the jeans department so if i do make it to there i will be more then happy :) And i want to be there by march 23!

Work was hectic as crap today....ready for my day off on thursday already! LOL

Tomorrow after work I am training with fiona :) nice doing training sessions with her again! Last night i made a chicken, baby spinach, walnut, feta, blackberry, apple and celery salad ... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Tomorrow nite its a orange and mint chicken salad!! YUM YUM!!!


20 to go! said...

Oh I wish that I had the gym clas choices that you do! I can pretty much only choose between 2 a day at times whenI can make it.

Pinky said...

OMG - Not far to go now!
Great goals and We know you can do it!
Have a great week

Maggie said...

Woah, you're almost there! So exciting!