Wednesday, January 11, 2012

80.3 kilos this morning :)

Argh work is so busy!!! So glad i have the next two days off :) I decided as I am going to the gym first thing in the morning and then hopefully back for balance tomorrow nite to skip the gym tonite. So as i wasnt gymming it...i threw on my size 14 black new jeans and a lil grey top with a black jacket...i looked good! Admittedly the top was quite camoflauge with my bad parts of me (like arm wings) but I felt good and I knew it ! LOL very bizarre feeling, and numerous people commented that i looked nice. :)

So in the morning i am off to the doing my first slim session for about 3 months. Only doing it to mostly check my body fat kinda nervous that it may not have gone down. It was about 31.7% last time it was checked....i would love LOVE love it it drops under 30% but since the scales havent moved much over the last few months im not sure that, that will happen. Talking about scales i was down to 80.3 im nearly completely rid of my "xmas fat" - the lowest i got was 79.5 kilos so not far off that.

Then tomorrow i am off for lunch with mum. We do this every year for my birthday instead of giving me a present...usually its a free for all..with entree, mains and dessert....but this year ive already told mum i wont be going nuts with the food. I will have a main meal (prolly pasta or share a wood oven pizza with mum) and then a skim hot chocolate. After we are going to the movies to see "the girl with the dragon tattoo".

Last nite at the gym i was doing a exercise with a cable machine and then fiona goes "youve got muscles" and starts pointing out different muscles and starting to tell me im starting to get ripped LOL (shoulders and arms area) and all i can see is my arm wings of excess fat hanging down :( I swear its like wearing a outfit thats 3 sizes too big for you. And before its asked (its been asked a lot lately) no im not having any excess skin surgery. Tomorrow nite im hoping to get back to the gym in time for balance. But hopefully it will be a nice stress free day (me and my family have moments at times!)

Ive come to the conclusion all my LJ trista singlets (which i have a trillion off) are too big :( So need to get some more in size S. I also found a few new singlets i want lol of course, theres about 4 i want...good lawd!!! hehe they need to stop coming out with new stuff...but admittedly only 3 of my singlets i previously bought fit need to splash out (the problem with losing weight!!)


Anonymous said...

Wash your singlets in hot water and then stick them through the clothes dryer (if you don't have one take it to a laundromat and get them to do it). They'll shrink and you'll get more wear out of them.

Pinky said...

Congrats on the scales numbers!
It is the downside to loosing weight - having to get new clothes!
Lucky we like to shop!