Thursday, January 12, 2012

Under 80 kilos (again lol) and pics :)

I was 79.8 kilos this morning :) But had lunch with mum today so doubt that will last for long! LOL But i was rather good...normally we do entree, main and dessert....i had one piece of bruschetta, we shared a wood oven pizza and i said no to dessert (even when the waitress was saying "you sure you dont want to try one of our cakes?" - i told the girl she is evil ;)) We then went to the movies....mum was like u want anything to take in and i was like no food in the movies! (went and saw girl with the dragon tattoo) and then came home and had a turkey sandwich and a freddo frog. I did also burn 500 calories this morning...i was very happy that i didnt throw the whole day away :)

Tomorrow i am going to do pump at lunch the resolution run and then going out for dinner....and i have all planned what i am having...thai chicken salad :)

I tried on my Large size flashdance pants this morning...i could wear them out now...just not lose enough to workout in....YET but getting there....hopefully only another couple of kilos and i will be right to wear them

Did take a couple of pics today too...ive posted them below :)


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You are looking so toned! Great work