Friday, January 06, 2012

Good, good day!!!

So yesterday turned out to be a pretty damn good day :) I got an award at got 5000 wishlist points (which i can use to shop with - i have over 12000 now :)) Then i had a peek at Lorna Jane and saw they had new clothes in! So i spotted a singlet i like....and went there with the intention of ONLY buying that singlet LOL well they had a sale and had some tshirts reduced to $24 ... so i had a look at them...found two i liked...but they didnt have size SMALL so thought wonder if my bod can fit into a size XS (not expecting it would!) but it did!!! OMG amazzzzzzzzzzzzing (refer pics on previous post) admittedly i dont wear loose fitting tshirts as with my body shape i look smaller if i wear fitted i was super excited by that :)

Then went to the gym....and trained with Fiona for a hour :) tried to run but only lasted about 200 metres before my ankle played up :( so i then did the xtrainer. I havent used the xtrainer since my last PT session with fiona at the gym...which was back in early october LOL...omg was so hard and definitely was sweating doing all these random levels between 5 and 20. Then we did some ball exercises and LOTS of walking lunges while holding a viper weight above my head...she has gone thru a lot of exercises with me so i have lots of different exercises i can do by myself...mostly its all resistance stuff but instead of weights its using my body which works better with my back...fiona also showed me her own program (which is mostly ball work) which i can do lots more options and will be in there tonite to do a hour.

I was just in the kitchen at work and two of the managers were in there and one (who has been away from most of the time since last october) was have shrunk so much since october...and the other said over the last few months you have got so much smaller...and i realised while i have altho i dont notice it so much especially around the hips and stomach...i am still hovering around the same weight i 3 months ago. The scales did drop 100 grams this morning so down to 82.6...a bloody lot better then they were on saturday morning at 88.3 kilos! lol A 5.7 kilo since saturday is not bad at all :)

Oh and last night Fiona said when i get to goal we are going to go out for a meal and some cocktails! LOL theres an incentive :)

Not much else going on...have a good friday all!


Pinky said...

Awesome - lots of great feel good moments for you !
Gald you are able to do lots more at the gym now

AntsM said...

Fantastic Kazz, you have worked hard and you are looking great!!! Good for you Chiiky, still inspiring us all.

AntsM said...
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