Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Amazing how one visit to the gym and i feel back in the zone :) This morning the scales were down to 83.1 kilos...so ive dropped 5.2 kilos since saturday...obviously all fluid...but im very glad to see it dropping (lets face it, it jumped up high quick too! Went to the gym tonite..used the foam roller on my back....then did 10 pushups with my feet up on a bench, 50 tricep dips and 12 assisted pullups...and all of them i did non stop :) I then walked on the treadmil for 10 minutes and then did a RPM class...its stinking hot here at the moment (35.9 today) so i think the heat is getting the calories burnt higher then normal...plus i hadnt done a cycle class since november! The class was rather good cos she did lots of shoulder rolls and back stretches thruout the class...so i think that i may have to try and slot that in as a permanant class on tuesdays. Gym tomorrow nite too...its suppose to be cooler so ill definitely do the stairs and then do a freestyle cycle class..hopefully get a nice calorie burn again


20 to go! said...

Glad to see that you are feeling better chicken!

Maggie said...

Holy crap that's HOT!!! And here I was complaining about the 29 degrees we had here!

Glad to see you're back in the zone and feeling good. I've been thinking about doing a spin class...is it the kind of thing you can do at your own pace??

kazz said...

Yes definitely maggie...the room is usually dark...and you can just alter the resistance to suit you.....id definitely recommend it!