Thursday, March 08, 2012

Great workout :)

So after two days of eating bad bit tuff pulling myself back inline....but i did it today :) Went to the gym tonite...rowed 1km on level 10 in 5 mins 30 seconds....i was pretty impressed with that since ive been doing level 1 since i hurt my back and wasnt trying to go super fast...1km in 5 minutes is pretty awesome in my eyes. I then did my PT session with nora...which i really my sessions with fiona too (of course!) but nora had me doing lots of different stuff...including using something called a body blade...which was bloomin of side planks while balancing on fit ball....and too much knee bending for my liking! lol But it was good...was very challenging but really good...and really got my head back in the right space. I also did about 25 minutes on the burnt 654 calories - so a good workout :)

I have the next 4 days off...tomorrow when i wake ill go for a 6km walk...and then meeting Laura for morning tea...then tomorrow night will be doing body pump.

I got my $300 voucher from work today might do some shopping over the clothes are tempting ;)

I wore sarahs size small LJ leggings to work out in today I hate the "saddlebags" on the top of my thighs but things are slowly improving....i chucked a photo below:

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Rache said...

I've been lurking for awhile, but just wanted to say that you look fabulous. Have a lovely few days off.