Saturday, March 10, 2012

Size 10 dress...woot!

My 4 day weekend is going quite nicely! Yesterday i was at the gym at 7am...did body combat and then walked home from the gym, then met my friend Laura for morning tea in nth adelaide and then walked home from there...then in the afternoon i walked to mums and back again (3.1 km each way) burnt a massive 1300 cals and walked nearly 13kms! Phew!!!

This morning i met up with fiona along the torrens river to work out for a hour....did interval running along the river...a lil bit of stair climbing then some strength work....i did have a spill tho!

Grazed my arm when doing pushups on a wall (i was leaning on my jumper and slipped!)

I then went shoppinggggggggggggggg! I bought a new dress which i LOVE and ive just realised its a size 10 (it was a international sizing of 2)! Its like the perfect dress for me...fitted on the bodice and flowy, loose on the i dont have to worry about my stomach and hips lol....its just lovely to wear and i love that i could wear it with some lil sandals out casually or with heels for dinner etc....and in winter a lil cardi over it would work i think...cost me $129 but love it!!! I also brought some wedge heels and also a new berlei bra...its awesome looks like a crop top not a bra :)

Then got home today.....and the toilet was blocked! argh.....waited nearly 2 hours for a plumber and then 90 minutes to fix it...finally have a working toilet again!!

Tomorrow im planning to go down to the footy oval again to run around up and down some stairs. Enjoy ur weekend all!!!


Barbara said...

Lovely dress. And lovely you!

Pinky said...

Looking good! - Love the dress