Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have decided to go back to basics and what has previously worked for me...i know so many people are saying "you need to eat your exercise points" etc but its not working! Whilst i ate bad tuesday and wednesday....ive gone up everyday the last few days....and i really think i am eating too much. And it ends up i end up eating the same cals most days which i know just doesnt work for me....and whilst i like eating more LOL its not getting me the results. So i pulled out Jillians book...worked out the cals if i burnt 3000 cals per week (admittedly i burnt 5200 last week but i have had 3 days off work which left lots of time for exercising) so im gonna base it on burning 3000 cals per lose half a kilo a week puts me at 1650 calories....and just like the good old SUCCESSFUL days im going to calorie cycle them. So i will weigh tomorrow morning and then hopefully start to get things moving...the scales are hoping to be back at 80 kilos by my first slim session on 22/3 so fingers crossed....hopefully this change will work!

If i am to be completely honest....not only have i had some bad eating days especially this week...but the processed foods have been sneaking back in....wagon wheels, freddo frogs, a yiros more then once a week lil things have been creeping back in...whilst its been great that ive cut out the diet eating is really lacking.

The other thing is ive been in chat the last few weeks...and i dont think my slackness whilst ive been in chat more is a coincidence...i just think its something that i cant do and live the real life i want to no more!

I know exercise wise im kicking ass at the not going to track my "walks" anymore...i wanna hit 3000 cals burnt a week without the walks which i am sure i can do. So fresh chapter tomorrow...will weigh in and back to eating the way jillian recommends!

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