Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So its done! Signed up for one PT session per week with Nora today So its for 16 weeks which will take me up to about the 23rd contract ends on June ill then reassess at that point. So now my weeks will be:

monday : slim with olivia
tuesday : training with Fiona
thursday : training with Nora
Saturday : training with Fiona

Ill then fit in some classes as well...wednesday nite ill still try and do boxing and cycle class. Friday nights and sundays im going to start going to the North Adelaide football club...running a lap of the oval...then running up 3 lots of the stairs...and then repeat....and then repeat and then repeat LOL

Today i did cycle that class is friggin hard...didnt burn as many calories as last week tho...must be adapting.

The good news too is i was 78.9 kilos this tending to hit under 79 kilos and then the next day i LOVE it if tomorrow morning i am still 78.9 kilos...would be better then a loss! lol

Not much else is going on...

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