Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots of news :)

Well a lot has happened over the last few days :) Lots of thinking has led me to believe im about to make some changes that will help me get to goal. Firstly as i had mentioned previously i had eaten 1200 calories and after a initial loss i then preceeded to gain 2.5 kilos in 5 days....the minute i increased my calories to 1485 calories i stopped gaining....and after a initial loss i have been fluctuating. The last 4 days i have eaten 1700-1800 cals per day and 3 out of 4 days i have been under 80 kilos (yay!)...the only day i wasnt under 80 kilos was sunday morning when i was 80.1 kilos after a night of eating indian....so pretty positive that was just fluid....so this morning i was 79.4 kilos.

Now onto the gym and my training. I think i have mentioned that i am training with Fiona outside of the gym....we do two sessions per week for a hour each time. The gyms foxy challenge is coming up and ive talked to Fiona and decided im going to start to do one 30 minute PT session per week with Nora who is Fionas trainer and is actually my physio. So which works good...she knows my body....my back issues...my foot issues...my knee issues (LOL im full of issues!) so i have a appointment with the gym to see them tomorrow night about doing PT sessions with her....I feel really good about it and fiona things it will be really good training with Nora so its a all round Win-Win :) Going to be weird training with someone whose not Fiona...but Fiona thinks very highly of Nora....and i trust Fiona so its all good...im excited :) I then went and saw Olivia today for Slim. Did my measurements...body fat (34%) and on their scales i was 80.8 kilos. So bench marks...now to get down to my initial goal of 77 kilos. So the plan will be to see Olivia on mondays, fiona on tuesday, thursday is nora and saturday is fiona....which basically puts me back to my initial routine when fiona was at the gym where i did 3 PT sessions and 1 slim session. So i now will have the accountability i need....im excited to think i will have the support that will get me to goal.

When i was at the gym today i did a 45 minute fat burning class OMFG nearly died!! haha!! Was good tho!!! Burnt 610 calories....then after that the manager if the gym came and spoke to me about them having a poster made up of me :) and then she said we saw on your FB that you want to do motivational speaking and we would like to support that...so im going to do some motivational speaking at the gym...and yes they mentioned payment/free membership as well :) So she said that will prolly occur in 4-6 weeks time - all exciting!!!

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Pinky said...

Awesome News Kazz! - Huge congrats - looks like things are all falling bak into place for you!