Sunday, February 19, 2012

To keep losing or maintain...

I have pretty much decided that if by the end of May if I am still sitting around 78-80 kilos then I am going to just accept this weight and start to maintain....if I am under 78 kilos tho I will continue working towards 72 kilos...whilst i do still have fat on me mostly my stomach/thighs/hips....maybe this is the weight my body is happy with. Its only a few kilos of the healthy weight range (thats 77 kilos) but i really dont seem to be making a lot of headway. Of course at that point im not sure how i will simply change...i mean i would still be wanting to working on getting stronger and more definiton....but it would be about just "living healthy" at that stage. Which seems a bizarre concept to me. Not the "living healthy" but not having the expectation of the scales dropping.

Yesterday was a great day :) Trained with Fiona in the morning....we went to the local football oval...they have a grandstand...which has 40 steps up it...i ran up and down the steps 5 times then did 50 lunge pulses on each leg .... then ran up and down the steps another 5 times and then the 50 pulse lunges on each leg again....then 20 one legged tricep dips on a park bench ... then we jogged back to my house (just a few streets away) and then did some fitness ball work. I then went to the hairdressers...had a colour put thru it (no more greys! lol) and they put a few curls in it....and then last night went out for dinner for Fionas birthday. We went to Beyond India....i ate really well :) I had one papadam (i think thats what it was called) and a serve of chicken tikka masala...had no rice...and just drank mineral water...yay me :) The scales were up this morning by 500 grams but im guessing that might be fluid retention.

Just got back from the fruit n veg store....bought some fresh beetroot which i am going to roast to use in my juices this week....i also got some flax seed which i am going to start to have in my well as some goji berries to just increase my cals in a healthy way on high calorie days.

My workout aims this week will be :

m - boxing class + 12wbt workout
t - fat burning class + 12wbt workoit + train with fiona
w - cycling class + 12wbt workout
t - body balance
f - 12wbt workout
s - rest day
s - 12wbt workout/or a 8km walk...ill decide on the day

Okies off to watch some tv...and relax the rest of this sunday...enjoy all :)

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