Friday, February 17, 2012

Where did this week go?

I have really been a bad blogger of late...actually ive been bad for several months. The main reason i havent been doing daily posts is really due to lack of time. Slowly over the last few months things have been happening and even tho I am not doing heaps more...i feel like i am less time free. I know write a monthly "thing" on two facebook is usually the start of the month and one mid month...neither really take a long time its more a case of being a brilliant procrastinator. During the week i obviously work...then go into town to the gym and from there its go home, cook dinner, wash any clothes that need washing, play on the computer/watch tv for a bit and then sleep. So my weeks are busy. Saturday mornings are taken up with the gym...saturday arvo any running around chores and if i have no chores i just like to relax saturday arvos...and then sunday is washing/cleaning and any social stuff i may have REALLY there isnt a lot of spare time! But im sure thats the case for most people not just me! I have slowly started to write "my story" with the hope of getting it into a book at some point in the future.

Other stuff....well...theres been stuff going on i havent discussed on here. As most know Fiona was my trainer at the gym and she resigned from the gym in October. She has really been vital to my success, a lot of people said to me when she left this is your chance to do different things, look at different trainers blah blah blah but i had no interest in that. I had already been thru 3 trainers by the time i started training with Fiona and I have said it many times before she really has been a blessing to me and my when she first left i was really lost. Luckily for me we had built a friendship and we still worked out together....we had looked at working out together at the gym (and did do that for a period of time) but that hasnt really worked out. So we are still working out twice a week but now we are starting to train at my house. I have lots of parks around my area and it just feels the right move in all thats a BIG positive going on at the moment :) Over the last few years tho, I always said it was fiona that had kept me at the gym....theres a number of gyms closer to home...and it does now leave me wondering what ill do in the future in relation to the gym. I enjoy fernwood...and the main thing i guess is that i am comfortable there...but i did go look at GoodLife this week which is closer to my home...slightly 7 days a week (fernwood isnt open sundays) has classes as early as 6am and as late as 7.30am which especially the weeks i do the later shift would suit me well. They have TRX classes and do have all the latest equipment...logically when i think about it i think when my membership is up i should go join there. But fernwood i am comfortable a sense have a loyalty to it...and have boxing and combat classes (good life has neither) so pros and cons to both...undecided at this point what ill do but i have a bit of time to decide.

12WBT wise ive been slack! Actually i spoke to the gym last tuesday and ended up deciding to go back to slim sessions (since i have paid for them anyway) i think i do still need some accountability. So i go back tuesday night to be weighed and measured and will start doing that weekly again (I have to ring and change that time tho as tuesday is prolly not the best day....and will prolly try and make it on wednesday nights) In relation to 12WBT i havent even followed the exercise programs - eek! ive still been doing my normal thing...but i will from this week...time for action!

Im back having my juice drinks. I am quite convinced the amount of dairy i am eating is contributing to my left blocked ear i seem to get more days then i dont. Im starting to think at least 4 days a week i trial having a cup of milk for breakfast and no other dairy for the rest of the day and see what happens. I had cheese at lunch today .... and several hours later my ear was blocked....doctors claim its fluid and cant be drained but i am starting to notice the more dairy i eat the worse it gets so i may test that. Plus i eat tahini every day which also has calcium in it...i dont think id end up calcium deficient.

So glad i managed to swap this weekend off :) Training with fiona in the appointment in the afternoon (im really not a fan of hair appointments...only the end result lol...i get bored chitless in the salon) and then tomorrow nite im going out for dinner for Fiona and her partner Leighs idea what ill wear yet lol....NOR what ill eat...its indian...not something i am very familiar with ... so will be interesting! Have a fab weekend all!!

PS 15 days with no diet coke - go me!!!

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