Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to knuckle down

Ive come to the conclusion that over the last 6 months or so i have become a brilliant "maintainer" but over the last 6 months or so ive kinda sucked at losing weight. When i think about it now it prolly corresponded around the time i gave up slim. So have decided to go back to that. My first session is next week. So the last two days have been pretty disastrous eating wise...so ill weigh in tomorrow and get back into things properly...im going to go back to having my blended up fruit drinks at dinner time. I just need to suck it up and get onto it....i saw the slim coach tonight briefly...i told her i just cannot get under 78.7 kilos....soon as i do i gain...so hopefully knowing i have to weigh in again will help! lol So i have booked in for a longer slim session so i can get my measurements done...they havent been done in forever...so that will be interesting.

Tonight i did 30 mins on the xtrainer plus body pump...so the workouts are there...just the food needs work! Tomorrow nite im seeing the physio...she is going to look at my form with boxing to see if we can work out what im doing wrong to affect my back, and if she has time will look at my foot too...after that I will do cycling class. I just really need to knuckle down i cant stress how much i need to knuckle down with this eating....if i just get onto it ill be at goal and can start maintaining without feeling bad...cos i do...everytime i eat something i do i shouldnt or also when i go over my calories...i feel bad about myself...i want to just not feel bad...get to goal and start to learn to maintain without the guilt and worry. I still obviously have stuff to work out in my head...and ive known that for a few months...i dont truly know how to "maintain" i know how to lose weight and gain weight....and maybe even the thought of maintaining does my head which why for 6 months or so ive lost a couple of kilos and then gaining a couple of kilos...and that seems to be the cycle. So all im going to focus on for the moment is getting to 78.5 kilos...ive got to 78.7 before but never below that...so no focusing on the ultimate goal...so will weigh in tomorrow morning....and then weigh in again next tuesday night with olivia at slim...doesnt matter the past of course just need to keep making sure i attack it till i get where i need to be :)

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