Friday, February 07, 2014

That damn biggest loser finale!

WOW the biggest US finale this week has really generated some press! My thoughts on it are this...Rachel was amazing thru the entire series and I think most knew she would win it. When she went home yep she looked amazing. She was what I aspire to be....slim but strong...she had just completed a triathlon....capable of anything. She of course then went home and ON HER OWN lost an additional 20 kilos. Do i think she lost too much? I it up to me to judge? Maybe she didnt like the "strong" look...maybe she likes the waif look...we all aspire to different things and honestly I dont think I get the right to judge it. You lose weight for yourself....not for a trainer...or a partner....or anything work towards what you want for you. I just hope she did lose it in a healthy way as she has been saying in interviews.

For me things are still going well :) Exercise is going good and so is food...I am really finding that drive to exercise again altho I still feel anxious about classes. My trainer is away this week so no PT sessions....which means more classes then normal! I really wanna exercise monday to saturday this week. I am thinking as a guide this for my coming week:

monday : 30 mins boxing and 60 minutes body balance
tuesday : RPM then if not too many people around my weights program/or body pump
wednesday : RPM
thursday : RPM and cxworx/or my weights program (t on how busy the gym is)
friday : 30 minutes RPM and 60 minutes body pump
saturday : 60 minutes body pump

If i manage to stick to that - that would be about 7 hours exercise for the week which i think is a good amount. I burnt just under 2500 calories this week....but that needs a serious bump...I really need to be burning 3500 cals a week.

Not much else going on...body pump in the morning...time for a early nite for me!

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