Saturday, February 22, 2014

Much better day!

So I am feeling much better today. Wednesday and thursday night I slept terrible. I got in a real funk over the gym and it played on my mind. A lot of the insecurities I have with the gym just came to the surface and was playing on my mind, add to that lack of sleep two nights running and I was beyond grumpy ;)

Last night in my grumpy, tired state I went to the gym for PT - and so glad I did. We did a session of balance work. We started with the bosu..and tamika was like have you done much work with the bosu before? Im like...yeh when I trained with fiona but not since .... then we did some stuff with the fitball...same question....have you used it much before...Im like yeh but not since the fiona days...then as we are talking im insecurities...balance issues have got worse since i stopped training with fiona (are we seeing a theme?) so the session was very much like the sessions i use to do with fiona that we called "wacky weights" it was a lot of body weight work and balancing. Tamika thinks I am quite strong in my shoulders and my core strength is pretty good...but doesnt think I am as strong in my legs and that I use my upper body for movement instead of my thinks its just about retraining that. She set me some homework...funnily one of the exercises is one fiona use to tell me to do when watching tv with the fitball we are going to do one session a week of the balance stuff then one session a week of strength training. It will mean I will try and do pump as well twice a week (where time allows). This week I am only working 4 days (I have monday, thursday and sunday off) so my week will look like this:

monday : 45 mins body pump + 45 mins body balance + 30 mins boxing
tuesday : 1 hour cardio/homework
wednesday : 45 mins RPM + 30 mins PT
thursday : 45 mins body pump + 45 mins RPM
friday : 30 mins PT
saturday : rest day
sunday : rest day

I am really taking to RPM. I am working much harder in it and I dont actually hate the class....I must be getting fitter....i usually burn about 600-650 calories a class but even as I am working harder i dont seem to be burning more then that.

Anyway...I am at work...back to it....enjoy all :)

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