Monday, February 24, 2014

Day off today. Slept in...which was lovely then went to the gym...did 15 minutes on the xtrainer then a 45 minute body pump class and 45 minute body balance class. I then went and weighed in....small gain 400 grams. I dont seem to be losing at 1500-1600 calories. So for this week I am eating 1300 calories each day and on saturday I will eat 1800 calories which will have me hitting over the week 1375 calories per day. Hopefully that will get the scales moving in the right direction.

No gym tomorrow night....looks like my landlord will be dropping off a new hot water system at the unit tomorrow need to be here...doesnt really matter tho as I havent got PT as my trainer isnt working and the only class I wanted to do...RPM...i cannot make it on time for.

Tomorrow at work lunch is LOL....but ive worked out 1 piece is approx 175 I can manage 2 pieces and still fit into my calories.

Not much else going on...hope everyone had a good monday :)

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