Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday :)

Hi lovelies! I am on a day off today...only bum about it is I have had to stay at home. This morning a NEW hot water system...then I had to wait this morning for a inspection of the unit (which means the house is currently spotless!) now I am waiting for a plumber to arrive to install it :)

Exercise wise things have been going good :) Monday I did pump and balance. And last night I did RPM and then a PT session. I am loving RPM more and more the more i do it. I really do go hard in it now my fitness has improved. Then in PT last night we did more balance work and more homework was set LOL. I am actually going to go and buy a lil 6 kilo kettle bell to help with one of the exercises...ill pick it up from rebel sport tomorrow night.

Food is going really good too...and its been challenging this last week! I mentioned on my last post about the "party" at work on friday last week, then on tuesday they ordered pizza for lunch lol...but they did order a 97% fat free pizza....and I had decided I would have two slices and that was all...and thats what I did ! The scales are moving down nicely so didnt harm me :)

This afternoon if the water system is installed relatively quickly I will go to the gym and do a 45 minute body pump class and a 45 minute RPM class...fingers crossed it all gets installed easily :)

Not much else going on...hope everyone is having a fab week :)

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